PSYC/KINE/IHST 4005 Healthy Aging: Current Trends and Issues- Application Form

PSYC/KINE/IHST 4005 Healthy Aging: Current Trends and Issues- Application Form

This course provides students with the opportunity to develop knowledge and skills regarding healthy aging and current trends and issues about optimizing the aging process. Students will develop knowledge of factors affecting well-being (such as falls/accidents/physical challenges, nutrition, mental health, continual social engagement, physical activity, etc.) and contribute to healthy aging. They will explore current topics such as ageism, socioeconomic factors influencing the aging experience, and aging based policies that have an impact on healthy aging. Students will explore the relationship between how they perceive healthy aging and how society influences these perceptions.

The course format will be blended with about a 1/3rd of the course spent in class discussions/activities/presentations/team building exercises, and the remainder of the course spent online engaged in activities through the Moodle course site. Week one to five, week 13, and the last two weeks (weeks 23, 24) will be in class. The rest of the course will be online. Through videos, online discussions, reflections and applied assignments, students will develop an appreciation for the challenges (and opportunities) handled by older adults when trying to age in a healthy fashion.

During the second term, students apply their developing knowledge and skills volunteering with an organization serving older adults or with older individuals. This experiential education Community Service Learning (CSL) opportunity allows students to gain first-hand experience of the concepts, methods and theoretical foundations they are learning about healthy aging by engaging in activities that address community needs together with structured reflection exercises (e.g., development of a Wiki) intentionally designed to promote achieving their learning outcomes. A maximum of an additional 40 hours will be engaged in their community service learning experience.

The course is open to Faculty of Health students in the Honours program and who have completed 84 credits. This course is a CCE for NURS 3000 3.00. Students will be accepted into the course by permission of the Course Instructor(s) only.

Note: Given the limited number and type of community service learning opportunities available, enrollment is restricted. Students must complete and submit an application to the Course Instructor(s) and be accepted to take this course before permission to enroll can be granted.

The purpose of this application is:
1) to have students begin to reflect on the work required for a course that is unique in terms of the blended format with a community service learning component, and
2) to provide me (the course instructor) with information about the student so that I can get to know the student a bit better and determine the type of prerequisite knowledge and information pertaining to the concept of aging the student is bringing to the course.