Community Engagement & Wellbeing (CEW): Invitation to Facilitate

Community Engagement & Wellbeing (CEW): Invitation to Facilitate

Do you have a unique experience, story, or skill that you would like to share with undergraduate students? Are you an established professional open to providing career advice to students? If so, then Calumet & Stong Colleges (CCSC) has the perfect platform for you to share your skill/story as part of its Community Engagement & Wellbeing (CEW) program!

We are currently seeking workshop facilitators and guest speakers from all backgrounds and institutions to share their knowledge, experiences, and talents in one or more of the following workshops delivered digitally through Zoom:

A) Career Spotlight: Held once per week with speakers from various fields, Career Spotlight is an opportunity where students connect with professionals from all walks of life to learn about their career journeys.

B) Bold Ideas: Serves as a platform for citizens, activists and leaders to share their personal, career and life experiences and challenges with the community, and how they negotiated their life paths around these challenges. Non-conformists are welcome.

C) CEW Workshops: A variety of workshops designed to help students take their minds off the pressures of daily life to learn a new skill and connect with their community. All ideas are welcome and past workshops developed skills such as: painting, drawing, meditation & light movement, clay making, etc. We also welcome professional development skills development such as networking.