BOLD IDEAS!: "Unmasking failure: An intersectional view at mental health and masculinity" - July 16, 2020

BOLD IDEAS!: "Unmasking failure: An intersectional view at mental health and masculinity" - July 16, 2020


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Session Title: "Unmasking failure: An intersectional view at mental health and masculinity"
Date: Thurs July 16, 2020
Time: 3:00-4:00 pm
Presenter: Ashim Sharma (Honors BA in Psychology/English, CCSC Leadership Coach, Active Bystander, and Co-lead of the Gender Equity co-Lab (GEL) within the Center for Sexual Violence Response, Support, and Education)
Zoom Meeting ID: 954 0800 0620
Zoom Meeting Password: 197313

Presenter's Bio: Ashim is currently completing his BA in Psychology and English at York University and is looking to pursue a Master’s in counselling. His current research interests revolve around Masculinity and its effects on Emotion Regulation. He has been involved with the Faculty of Health at York University as a Calumet & Stong Colleges Leadership Coach since 2018, delivering leadership skills training to hundreds of students. He is also leading the GEL group within The Centre for Sexual Violence Response, Support & Education, to engage male-identified or non-binary community members to work towards ending gender-based violence and contributing to enhancing and supporting positive masculinity. Ashim is also supporting an Agents of Change project, Humans In Progress, to aid community leaders in recovering and re-assessing their sense of purpose and their personal mission.

Session Summary: It is often the redemption story within us that we seek, and we take for granted the importance of the failures that lead up to it. Often times, we may even fear the failure that precedes the redemption. But without being knocked down over and over, without the countless failures, and without the endless lessons, the redemption story would just be another story. As a first-generation South-Asian student navigating the diaspora of mass immigration, dealing with mental health issues throughout his life, and addressing masculine norms within society, Ashim is no stranger to failure. Join Ashim in his attempt to change the narrative behind the redemption story and unmask failure to uncover its necessity in everyday life.

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